Whatever your legal dispute, the first approach is to determine if it can be resolved without the necessity of filing a lawsuit. Settlement negotiations help businesses and individuals avoid the often open-ended expense of litigation and the risk, stress and uncertainty that goes with entrusting the outcome to the decision of a judge or jury.

However, having said the foregoing, if the opposing side fails or refuses to be forthright, honest or reasonable, then you need to be fully apprised of your legal position and informed of the multiple options available to protect and enforce your legal rights.

Many times, party opponents respond only to strength of legal position, as well as to one’s resolve to achieve justice and fairness. And, if they do not, this is why we have judges and juries.

In circumstances where legal action is imminent or ongoing, it is crucial to have legal representation that brings experience, knowledge, determination and common sense to your situation. It is also very important to have a good communication with your attorney to ensure mutual understanding of the factual background, your objectives, the legal proceedings, and the various decisions to made during the litigation process.

Litigation should be a last resort. However, if litigation becomes necessary, it should be undertaken with a sense of moral resolve to achieve a just and proper result. This is a core principle. If negotiation fails, you and your attorney should both be committed to the vigorous pursuit of your legal rights with confidence in the system that you will have your day in court and that you will be treated fairly and in accordance with the law.

In order to properly advise those considering legal representation, I provide free consultations to thoroughly discuss your options and legal position. There are those who have strong legal positions and are unaware of it, and those who are vulnerable, and equally unaware of it, and each would be wise to consult with a knowledgeable attorney to help them make informed decisions.